Dedications & Sponsorships


Ateres Hashavua Parsha sheets - $180-$1,000

The Ateres Yaakov divrei Torah publication is distributed weekly to shuls throughout The 5 Towns, Queens, and even Brooklyn, ensuring that your dedication/ad has a wide audience, and that the learning you underwrite is substantial.  This is a well respected, high quality publication published since 2001 to a wide audience. Current and all back editions are also available on the web.

Ateres Star - $180-$1,000

The Ateres Star newspaper is published several times each year and is distributed to hundreds of parents, students, alumni, and donors.  This is a very cost effective way to advertise to a large number of attentive L.I., Queens, and Brooklyn community members, while supporting the literary efforts of our students.



Sefarim Fund

The yeshiva is bursting at the seams with learning:  Mesivta talmidim, Yeshiva Gedola bochurim, community learning, shabbas minyan learning, and more. There is a continuing need for new and replacement sefarim in the yeshiva's extensive sefarim library, as well as for siddurim, chumashim, and more. Sponsor dedications are printed prominently in each sefer. Donations of actual sefarim are also welcome.

Student Gemara's - $180, $360, $720, $1,000

The chachamim teach that the Torah learning of young talmidim are one of the primary elements supporting the world's existence. By sponsoring one or more class or grade's gemara's or other sefarim, your sponsorship will support a year or more of learning by numerous talmidim.  Sponsor dedications are printed prominently in each sefer. 


Yeshiva Events:

Thanksgiving Father-son breakfast - $50, $100, $180

This beloved annual event brings together fathers, sons, and Rabbeim for a morning of tefila, a hearty breakfast, a wonderful guest speaker,and student award presentations. Sponsors dedications are highlighted in every attendee's program and in all communications about the event.

Blood Drive - $18, $36, $100, $180

Help save lives by subsidizing the costs of  one of MAY's premier student-run events, which last year collected over 200 pints of blood for critically needed medical needs. The students put a tremendous effort into making each year's event successful, but there are real costs as well - publicity, advertising, poster printing, and more. Sponsor dedications will be highlighted prominently in all posters, ads, and PR.

High School Health Fair and Lectures - $36, $72, $100, $180, $360

We live in a dangerous world where our children face numerous risks to their health and mind.  MAY does not sweep these concerns under the rug, but tackles them head on with regular lectures and seminars about the risks of drugs, alcohol, smoking, driving, Internet, diet, and more.  The annual MAY Health Fair provides a comprehensive full-day program designed to educate our students about important health issues. Your sponsorship helps defray the costs of these important events


Yeshiva and Community Learning:

Parnas HaTorah - $180, $540, $1800

All of us in our community have felt the wave of enthusiasm and energy sweeping Ateres Yaakov since we opened the doors of our new building.The budding talmidei chachamim in our newly expanded Yeshiva Gedolah and Kollel have added immeasurably to the level and volume of Kol Torah emanating day and night from our bais medrash. The Yeshiva’s Parnesei Torah program provides an opportunity to share in the support and the merit of this high level of Torah learning. A day of learning by our 190 Mesivta talmidim, 35 Yeshiva Gedola talmidim, and many Rabbeim, amounts to more than a thousand hours of pure Torah study, which can accrue l’iluy nishmas a loved one, be a tremendous zchus for a refuah,or be a wonderful way to commemorate some other notable occasion. The names and dedications of our Parnesei Torah supporters are prominently displayed at the entrance of the Yeshiva, and announced to the entire school at the completion of the Shacharis Tefilla. A special Parnesei Torah certificate will be sent to you or to the recipient of your choice. Of course, all contributions are tax deductible. Please consider becoming a Parnas HaTorah and help support Ateres Yaakov’s multifaceted harbatzas Torah programs, while sharing in the tremendous schar of the Torah learning.

$180 to dedicate a DAY of limud haTorah
$540 to dedicate a WEEK of limud haTorah
$1,800 to dedicate a DAY for Parnas Torah Netzach

In addition, the Yeshiva has instituted a Parnas Torah Netzach which allows you to dedicate a specific date indefinitely for just $1,800. We gratefully welcome all dedications, which will be accepted on a first-come first-served basis. 

Community Lectures

Ateres Yaakov sponsors many regular and special shiur events, open to the public, many of which cost the the yeshiva money to stage and publicize.  Share in the schar of the tzibbur's learning  at events that range from dozens of regular weekly participants, to large events that draw hundreds of eager attendees.  Sponsor dedications will be highlighted prominently in all posters, ads, and PR, and noted orally at the start of each presentation.

Shavuos night learning - $180

Shavuous night learning is special at every yeshiva and shul.  At Ateres Yaakov our bais medrash and classrooms resound with exuberant kol Torah all night long among community members and talmidim.  Help defray the costs of refreshments, advertising, and magidei shiur and share in the schar of this once a year learning marathon. Sponsor dedications will be highlighted prominently in all posters, ads, and PR, and noted orally at all shiurim during the night.

Yarchei Kallah - $180, $360, $1,000

Ateres Yaakov welcomes scores of student alumni and community members to its annual pre-Pesach yarchei Kallah, during which attendees spend days attending specially prepared shiurim and learning b'chavrusa in our beautiful baas medrash. Help defray the substantial costs of the breakfast and refreshments. Sponsor dedications will be highlighted prominently in all posters, ads, and PR, and noted orally at all shiurim throughout the week.

Last Updated on October 2018