History Department

   Rabbi Shlomo Drebin (since 1999)

B.A., Liberal Arts,

Rabbinical Seminary of America M.A., Education,

Sacred Heart University 

Teaches: Hebrew Rabbi Drebin joined Ateres Yaakov after 14 successful years as a Rebbe in Fairfield, Connecticut. In addition to his classroom expierence, he spent many years coordinating extra-curricular activities, and also directs the   Mintz summer day camp. Rabbi Drebin attended Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim in Queens and Yerushalayim, has semicha and a Master's Degree in education. Rabbi Drebin is a diplomate of the Torah Educator's Institute in Yerushalayim, and a graduate of the Torah U'Mesorah Principal Training Course.

   Mr. Zack Kessler (since 2018)    

B.S. Touro College

Mr. Kessler graduated from Touro college with a degree in marketing and history. As an alumnus of the yeshiva he is excited to be back and teaching here. As well as working here, he is a 2nd grade teacher at Yeshiva of South South. During the summer he is one of the division heads at Avnet.

   Mr. Jerry Richter (since 2013)

B.A. Economics, Brooklyn College

M.A. Special Education, Touro College

M.A. Educational Administration, Touro College

Mr. Richter, an experienced NYC Public School teacher, received a coveted Fellowship on Holocaust Studies from Jewish Foundation for the Righteous

   Mr. Daniel Strook (since 2012)

B.A. Psychology and History, Touro College

Mr. Stroock is fascinated by history and believes that events that have unfolded over thousands of years have an enormous impact on our lives today. His foremost goal is to convey this message to his students. Mr. Stroock moonlights as the Youth Director for the YI of Oceanside

Last Updated on January 2020