Kehilla Ateres Yaakov

Kehilla Ateres Yaakov is known for its warmth and welcoming atmosphere. The davening is very quiet and inviting. Our members come from a variety of backgrounds and age groups - including singles, single parents, and young & old marrieds - all of whom come together for the common goal of experiencing a meaningful davening and enjoyable communal interaction. The minyan enjoys a hot Kiddush every Shabbos.

The Kehilla participates in many wonderful events throughout the year, including a Shabbos Chanukah Family meal, a Kehilla Simchas Torah Luncheon, and Shabbos Hagadol Family Meals.

The Kehilla has Shabbos Youth Groups for nursery & kindergarten (thru age 6) and for boys, age 7 thru 10, davening, followed by activities. Our youth department also runs weekday events, such as the recent Father-Son baseball trip to the Brooklyn Cyclones at Coney Island and an upcoming Mother-Daughter cake decorating demonstration, as well as Chol Hamoed events and other activities. For more information on the youth department, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



Last Updated on September 2020