Community Education

Ateres Yaakov strives to be a great asset to the surrounding community.  

Our beautiful bais medrash and other spaces welcome people who want to learn, attend shiurim, participate in our many public events, or join our Kehilla.

There are many ways you can benefit from our activities and facilities:

  • Bring your chavrusa or children to learn here
  • Attend one of our growing number of public weekly shiurim
  • Consider davening with us in our Shabbas and yom tov minyanim
  • Subscribe to our weekly Torah publications
  • Access our growing library of recorded shiurim

We’re here for you and we encourage you to be an active part of the Ateres Yaakov Community.

Come on in!


Weekly Shiurim
Wednesday Evening 9PM - Nesivos Shalom with Rabbi Mordechai Yaffe

Last Updated on October 2016