No doubt, we are proud of our talmidim, our caring, dedicated faculty, our new facility, and our commitment to constant improvement and effective innovations. Yet, if the hanhala were asked, “what is your biggest source of nachas?” the answer would be “our alumni.” The fact that our alumni are Bnei Torah who conduct themselves with clear ahavas Torah and yiras shamayim in the classroom, in the boardroom, in their bais medrash, and in their own homes as husband and fathers, is our greatest source of nachas.

When they return from studying in Israel, our talmidim attend the finest colleges and yeshivas in America. They focus on obtaining a stellar education while continuing a life-long pursuit of Torah education. For some, this may entail additional full-time bais medrash study. For others, it could mean combining study in Baltimore’s Ner Yisroel and Johns Hopkins. Many others choose to attend Lander College, Touro College or Yeshiva University. Others opt to attend shiurim at a local bais medrash, such as the Ateres Yaakov Yeshiva Gedolah, while pursuing a degree at one of the NYC’s many  colleges. 

Mesivta Ateres Yaakov provides several weekly learning opportunities for its alumni. Our rabbeim stay in touch with their graduates, whether through email, texts, or phone conversations. Our young men are comfortable contacting their rabbeim to discuss a pasuk, a Rashi, an ethical challenge, a dating dilemma, or even a parenting problem. Clearly, the relationships that begin on the first day of ninth grade and are nurtured throughout four years, do not end with the acceptance letter to the perfect yeshiva in Israel.  A kesher with Mesivta Ateres Yaakov is a kesher for life.  


Last Updated on July 2019