MAY Freshmen “Phone Home” Ski Trip

MAY Freshmen “Phone Home” Ski Trip

This year, the 9th grade at MAY is cell phone free thanks to a new yeshiva program that radically changes the typical meaning of “Phone Home” – a program fully embraced by the talmidim.


The “Phone Home” program was the brainchild of the Mashgiach Ruchani, Rabbi Yehuda Horowitz, and the 9th grade Rabbeim.  The yeshiva can mandate that boys keep their cell phones at home, but it typically creates resentment and fear of missing out.  Instead MAY decided to create a culture of putting phones aside voluntarily by offering positive incentives to motivate the students.  The students’ universal participation was an unprecedented and laudable response.

 The Mesivta has had a cell phone policy in place for many years, which requires students to deposit their phones and other electronic devices in designated cell phone lockers at the beginning of the day.  This endeavor however, took the notion of “out of sight, out of mind” to the next level.

The project has built-in incentives to motivate talmidim. Last week, the entire 9th grade embarked on a 2 day, all expenses paid ski trip to Vermont. The trip began with a stopover at Bounce Trampoline Park, bowling, swimming and 4 star hotel accommodations. On day 2, talmidim were accompanied by their Rabbeim, Rabbi Tsvi Greenfield and Rabbi Avi Schulman, to the Okemo Mountain Resort for a well-deserved, fun-filled outing of skiing and snowboarding.

With sedorim and ruchniyus built into the trip, for the 9th grade talmidim, the trip was both a reward and yet another opportunity to apply the values and lessons they receive in the Mesivta to real-world situations.

Last Updated on March 2019