Computer and Mathematics

Mr. Ravashi Adoniyahu 
(since 2013)


 Rabbi Kenneth Davis (since 2015)

B.A., Yeshiva College

M.S. Ferkauf Graduate School, Yeshiva University

Rabbinical training at Yeshiva University RIETS

Rabbi Davis has more than 30 years experience teaching Math at HANC, Darchei and Mesivta Tiferes Yisroel. He brings his expertise to conveying the new common core curriculum to our MAY algebra students.

Rabbi Tzachi Diamon
 (since 2016)

Mr. Howard Daar
(since 2009)


Rabbi Avi Rosenbaum (since 2013)

Multiple IT certifications

Teaches: Trigonometry, Geometry


Mr. Rosenbaum brings an extensive and varied experience in the IT field to bear in his computer instruction at MAY. Not only is he eminently qualified to teach general IT skills and complex programming, but also brings extensive experience in IT management, development, consulting, and planning.

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