MAY Teams Up With Touro College

The senior year of high school is an opportunity to concretize and consolidate the gains made over one’s high school career. With Advanced Placement courses, exciting honor and elective course options and challenging shiurim, the 12th grade program at MAY has always offered a rigorous schedule for its seniors.

This year, MAY has taken that platform one step further and partnered with Touro College to become a Touro College Freshman Center.   A Senior Program Orientation was held at the Mesivta this past Wednesday evening at which the Freshman Center was described in more detail and the many other senior offerings were presented.

“We are constantly looking for ways to innovate to make the senior year one of true accomplishment,” commented Rabbi Sam Rudansky, General Studies Principal, “These have included our participation in the CIJE Engineering Program, our exclusive role in Avi Chai’s Online/Blended Learning Program, and now our partnership with Touro College.  Our goal is always to make education more meaningful and engaging for our students.”

 The courses currently being offered to MAY seniors are English 101, Psychology 101, American Government and Public Speaking.   Seniors can earn 15 college credits through these courses alone, and is above and beyond the many Advanced Placement courses on offer.


“It’s simply incredible that our students are able to earn these credits while still in high school,” noted Assistant Principal, Rabbi Yossi Bennett, “After all is said and done, a student has the potential, after learning in Eretz Yisroel for 2 years, to walk into college with 63 credits, and that doesn’t count any AP courses he may have taken. The benefits are obvious, and the savings are huge!”


The courses are being offered by instructors approved and certified by Touro College including veteran teachers, Mr. Chaim Homnick, M.A., who is also a feature writer for the Five Towns Jewish Home, Dr. Adam Miller, a community psychologist who has taught the AP Psychology course at MAY for over a decade, and Professor Mordechai Hayman, an Adjunct Professor at Nassau Community College. The Mesivta is very excited to have recruited to the faculty Mr. Nesanel Feller, J.D., a well-known local community leader and attorney.


Menahel Rabbi Mordechai Yaffe commented, “Our faculty is extremely excited about this venture. However, we envision this only being the beginning of our relationship with Touro.”



Last Updated on Wednesday, 07 December 2016 17:00