MAY Annual Grand Siyum

Mesivta Ateres Yaakov held its annual Grand Siyum celebrating the nearly 30% pf the student body who completed a masechta of Sha"s or a seder mishnayos.  These 53 talmidim, who completed 60 Masechtos and Sedarim of Mishnayos over the course of the school year were joined by more than 150 parents, grandparents and relatives, and the MAY Rabbeim, who came to celebrate this outstanding achievement.


After a catered buffet dinner, Rabbi Yaffe opened the evening commenting on the tremendous pride the Mesivta has in these talmidim. Rabbi Yaffe focused on the idea that when learning a Masechta, one must be sure that not only does he travel through the Masechta, but that the Masechta travel through him. Listing each boy and “his Masechtos” by name, he added that the Torah that the talmidim in the Mesivta learn is Toras Emes and Toras Chaim, not simply an intellectual pursuit.

Rabbi Yaffe then introduced Senior Moshe Goodstein, who completed Masechtas Sotah, to deliver divrei Torah to the assembled crowd. Moshe spoke about the commitment of learning and how true limud HaTorah is not a “part-time venture” rather a constant and consistent way of life.

The guest speaker for the event was Rabbi Elysha Sandler, former 12th grade Rebbe at the Mesivta, Mashgiach Ruchani of Yeshivas Sh’or Yoshuv and Rav of Kehillas Bais Yisroel in Far Rockaway. Rabbi Sandler spoke about the constant dedication, commitment and diligence necessary to be Mesayim a Masechta, complementing the talmidim and praising them for having the chashivus haTorah that they exhibited.

Led by senior Moshe Pifko, the 60 Mesaymim then recited the Hadran together! Each talmid was given two gifts from the Yeshiva, a monetary incentive award and a choshuveh sefer. Particularly noteworthy were the 25 senior talmidim who participated in the popular V’ha’arev Nah program and completed either Masechtas Sotah or Ta’anis and 11th grader, Daniel Trapunsky who completed Masechtos Baba Kama and Brachos and Sha”s Mishnayos!

The Mesivta thanks Assistant Menahel, Rabbi Yossi Bennett for organizing the event. Rabbi Bennett commented, “We are so impressed and inspired by the amount of learning accomplished this z’man. In preparation for Kabbalas HaTorah, we were so fortunate to be able to celebrate this achievement with our talmidim and their families.”


The evening closed with leibudik dancing in joyous celebration of Torah.

Last Updated on April 2018