MAY Annual Shabbaton

Mesivta Ateres Yaakov held its annual Spring Shabbaton on the beautiful campus of Camp Romimu in Monticello, NY. The Shabbaton was a resounding success, replete with tremendous growth in Ruchniyus, Achdus, Ahavas Hashem and Ahavas HaTorah.

 From start to finish, the Shabbaton was an inspiring, exciting and stimulating weekend. S’gan Menahel, Rabbi Yossi Bennett, “kicked off” the Shabbos with inspiring divrei chizuk following Shacharis on Friday morning. Then it was off to the buses for a fun-filled, inspiring, action-packed Shabbos!


 The Mesivta invited Rabbi Pesach Krohn, shlit”a, the noted author and speaker, as their guest for Shabbos. Rav Krohn helped set the tone for the Shabbos, describing the incredible inspiration that could be gleaned from even a single Shabbos. The lively Kabbalas Shabbos, with enthusiastic singing and dancing, was a fitting hakdamah to such a special Shabbos.


 The leibudikeit throughout Shabbos was amazing, with incredible singing and dancing at all meals. Rav Krohn commented on how impressed he was by the talmidim of the Mesivta.  He repeatedly noted their demeanor, their ruach, their interaction with their Rabbeim, and the chinuch and middos they demonstrated.


 As per MAY tradition, the Shabbas kibbudim had been auctioned to the bidders willing to commit to the most learning completed over the course of the long weekend. Students committed to over 200 hours of learning outside of the formal shiurim, and the talmidim honored their Rabbeim with those kibbudim. The sheer amount of learning throughout the Shabbos, both formally and informally, was a testament to the growth experienced this year throughout the z’man.


 Motzei Shabbos included the annual Junior Varsity vs. Varsity softball game, a barbeque Melava Malka, a stirring kumzits – all demonstrating incredible achdus and comradery among the talmidim and their Rabbeim.


 On Sunday monring, eight senior talmidim delivered chaburos they had prepared to the younger shiurim and their peers. The Mesivta thanks senior Rebbe, Rabbi Yonasan Sprung, for helping his talmidim with this undertaking.


 The Mesivta thanks Rabbi Shlomo Drebin for organizing the Shabbaton and Rabbi Shlomo Pfeiffer and Camp Romimu for hosting them. 


Last Updated on July 2017